I bought only one FINAL FANTASY VII potion with figure

By Suntory and Square EnixFINAL FANTASY VII 10th anniversary commemorative projectIsThe first bullet is a Shinra bottle made bottle,The second volume is 16 kinds of character cansHowever, as the third bulletin from November 27, the release of the premium BOX that the graphic can and the figure became a set has started. The price is 980 yen (tax included).

For each of graphic cans and figures, each figure is assorted at random, so it is not clear what figures are included in correspondence with cans. This time I bought this one.

Details are as follows.

It is sold in the same box as a 500 ml PET bottle, and a potion can and a box of figures are bundled inside.

raw materials. The potion itself is the same as the second one.

The box is sealed properly. When peeling off the tape, the letter "opened" emerges.

A box with figures.

I took it out.

BEFORE CRISIS can design.

Since raw materials etc. are written on the back of the box, it is not written in the can.

Open figure box.

... It was Reno & Rude.

I tried to stand on a pedestal.



Because this premium box, the size is slightly larger than the PET bottle, it was not possible to pull it out of the shelf when it was aligned in a convenience store 's 500 ml bottle corner. If it is a bit smaller, I will be saved ....

There are many reports that figure weapons have broken, so be careful when assembling.

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