A game "Cursed Wind" that manipulates pirate ships to destroy enemies

A game to sink a pirate ship and collect treasure"Treasure of Cutlass Reef"A sequel game appeared. The game contents are almost the same, but the menus that can be strengthened are increasing.

Access is from the following.
Cursed Winds - Become the number one pirate! Destroy all enemy ships and loot them to be able to buy upgrades!

title screen.

As usual three levels of difficulty.

The number of items that can be set with options is increasing.

Suddenly the first race started.

Menus are increasing more than before. Operate steering on the left and right of the cursor, advance forward. It is not possible to retreat.

Amount of money obtained when the enemy information is sunk from above, durability, number of gun gates, number of crew members.

victory. A bonus can be obtained if the hit rate is 70% or more, but it is quite difficult.

Enhancement menu. Increase the number of gun gates from the upper left, increase attack power, raise the speed of fire, increase loading speed, increase the number of passengers, strengthen defense strength. The lower row shows speed increase,CalypsoVoice, rocket gun, steering speed increase. Three red icons are newly added. "Firearm support" is a support shooting from outside the screen, "Calypso voice" pushes back the enemy by the wave, "Rocket gun" fires a rocket cannon with high offensive power and attacks.

It is a wasteful rocket cannon as a waste to use it as an enemy's fish fleet. At the start of the stage, the numerical value gradually increases at 0% and becomes available when it becomes 100%.

Unlike the previous work, it is possible to go to the upper part of the stage, but if you do not do it well you will be surrounded.

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