What should I do if my cell phone battery runs out when I go out?

According to a voluntary survey on "mobile phone charging when going out" performed by Net Asia Co., it seems that 70% of the people who have experience of completely disappearing mobile phone batteries on the go.

Although it is a mobile phone with a feeling that batteries are becoming increasingly worse due to high functionality, what to do in case the battery runs out, what kind of things should be kept in order to make the batteries difficult to break, survey I saw it through the results.

Details are as below.
Investigation result on mobile phone charging when going out | Net research as net research (mobile research)

According to this article, what we are trying to reduce the consumption of the battery of the mobile phone is as follows.

· Charge the battery after the battery becomes low ... 49%
· Power-saving display ... 37%
· Turn off the power outside the area ... 10%
· Frequently turn off the power ... 5.7%
· Not particularly ... 28%

"Turning off the power out of the service area" means that when the mobile phone is powered on outside the service area, the mobile phone frequently tries to communicate with the base station in order to find the base station, according to the following link, the battery It seems that consumption of wine becomes severe.

Mobile phones, it seems like battery exhaustion felt quickly outside the area Excite news

For the experience that the battery of the mobile phone has completely disappeared in the office next, 70% of the total answered "Yes", and the following things are answered as a charging method in that case.

· Purchase a simple charger and charge ... 37.3%
· Charging at mobile shop ... 22%
· Charging by using the outlets of stores and facilities silently ... 13.4%

In addition, "Charging using outlets of shops and facilities silently" is caution because there is a possibility that it can be punished as a theft.

And the following are the chargers that have been purchased after the battery has run out. "Battery exchange type charger" which is often seen at convenience stores is the most frequent.

· Battery replacement charger ... 39.3%
· Exclusive battery charger ... 24%
· Battery charger with cord ... 19%
· USB connection type charger ... 10%

Also, the charger you want in the future is as follows. In the case of solar or manual charging, it may be advantageous to be able to use it even if there is no store in the vicinity.

· Solar rechargeable charger ... 35.3%
· Manual charge type charger ... 19%
· Battery exchange type charger ... 19%

Finally, as a requirement for the function and usage of the charger, the following requests are mentioned.

· Because charging for portable use takes too much time, I want to be able to charge in a little more time
· Can charge quickly
· I want you to know how much more you can use
· I want you to prevent troubles such as quick battery consumption
· Easy to charge even on the go
· Things that can change the length of the code
· Easy to carry around design, weight

Especially regarding the ease of carrying around in the second halfHow to select an external battery to use with the W - ZERO 3 seriesI took up, but it may be an important point to carry around in a bag.

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