All pages of commercially available WindowsXP commentary books are being released on the net for free

A book for advanced users who will try hard to build the environment of Windows XPGrimoire For Windows XP vol.1 [System]It seems that the whole text has been published on the net. A total of 560 pages, about 300,000 characters have been released, and photos and screenshots are posted properly. Although it feels a bit difficult to read, it is quite useful for Amazon to be able to read books sold at 3200 yen including tax all over the net.

Details are as below.
Windows XP Strongest FAQ & Tips Grimoire Web Publish paid books on page 560 for free!

Even just looking at the table of contents, items that look pretty good are lining up. Below are just a few.

· PCI / PCI-E device mounting position optimization arcade
· Optimization of device mounting position avoiding IRQ batting
· How to check IRQ batting (usage situation)
· Device placement position optimization technique from hardware theory
· Device shutdown mystery to eliminate IRQ batting
· IDE cable checking to eliminate performance loss
· Hard disk connection optimization arcade for OS drive speedup
· Jumper pin setting technique to use up hard disk performance
· How to optimize IDE device connection
· Physical memory heightening performance enhancement position optimization technique
· Case fan connection technique for cooling
· Noisy chipset arcane with fan replacement
· LAN port choice technique to increase stability
· LAN cable selection technique to improve network performance
· Liquid crystal display connection technique considering image quality
· The secret to wisely use old SCSI devices
· Capture board wearing technique considering stability
· Performance optimization of printer connection optimization
· Device optimization technique considering the purpose of the machine
· Grill model machine configuration and parts choice
· Physical memory capacity optimization technique
· Test method of whether the currently installed large capacity memory is effectively utilized
· Video card choice technique considering the future
· Video card choice technique of on-board video loaded machine
· Video card choice technique which greatly increases desktop work
· Liquid crystal display choice technique allowing multiple machine connections
· Hard disk choice technique considering system performance
· Hard disk choice technique considering system stability and compatibility
· Sound card choice technique considering system load
· LAN card choice aiming for high-speed network environment
· Recommended installation of floppy disk drive
· Device setup technique considering activation
· Grimoire hardware defect check
· Physical memory defect checking technique
· Hard disk defect checking technique

recentlySony will release a notebook PC with XP instead of VistaAnd yet Vista is still feeling like wait until SP1 comes out, so it seems quite useful.

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