Approximately 40% of video sharing service users download and save to PC

According to "Usage Survey on Video Sharing Service" by Eye Share Co., Ltd., the experience of saving from the video sharing site seems to be 38.8% for personal computer saving, 14.4% for iPod and 5.8% for DVD.

Besides, it is quite interesting that the question "What user watches the movie" is "user creation" 40.9%, "drama, animation" 37.7%, which is quite interesting.

The answers to other questions are as follows.
Eye Share Press Release | If you want a sub-address or a new email address, please share it! : Consciousness survey "interest in copyright of shared video is 6% browsing experience is 78.6%"

72.6% only viewing video sharing service, 6% shared participation,

The first reason for not using the video sharing service is "Because you do not need to watch movies"

As for the question of what kind of things you are mainly seeing, the image shot and produced by the user is 40.9%, which is quite a lot, but possibly thisSecondary creationIs it pointing to those of ...?

Among the reasons for using it is that there are 14.8% of the interesting things "for viewing TV broadcasts that I missed". Besides, "To enjoy video processing such as Nico Nico Douga" is 11.2%.

On the other hand, as a discontent point to the video sharing service, there are still many image quality relations.

For that reason, direct requests to eliminate the defects as they are at the top of what they want to improve account for the top.

Please note that the latest Flash Player released this fallScheduled to support high-quality video compression method "H.264". I would like to have picture quality managed around YouTube if possible ...

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