An art that piled up a computer like a wall

Artist artist Sandy Smith gathered old computers and broken computers to create art. It is a very geeky feel, it is not amusing atmosphere to come out as a set to cyber science fiction movies such as "Matrix".

Details are as belowSandy Smith - Computer Artworks

"Mauritian Sunset"

The code is growing like a spider's web on the back.

It seems that the details are also filled with a speaker or a drive alone.

"Green / Blue Horizontal"

There is an entrance on the arch.

After all the cord is full of code.

"Pope, Pop & Terror"

I'm pretty much doing my best.

The atmosphere is quite different as you see it in a bright place.

"Untitled (The Sky is Blue)"

The inside looks like this.

It is also cool looking from the back.

Other works of Sandy can be seen from the following link.

Sandy Smith - Artwork

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