Sony introduces a new model of PS2

Bloomberg reports that Sony will introduce a new PS2 model for the holiday season. This is because PS 2 still keeps its persistent popularity, in addition to PS3's malfunction.

Details are as follows.
Sony Introduces New Edition of PlayStation 2 Console (Update 1)

According to this article, Sony said that it announced to introduce a new PS2 model to the American market from the beginning of November. The main body color is white, and game software "SingStar" with two microphones players compete in singing voice is bundled and will be sold at $ 149.99 (about 17,000 yen).

PS2 has sold more than 215,000 units in September, exceeding 119,400 units of PS3, according to analysts, "By selling PS 2, you can even fill in losses that were born in PS3 even a little I heard that it is.

Incidentally, Sony to break the PS3 malfunctionTo introduce a low-priced PS3 in NovemberAlthough it is clarifying, will PS3 introduce well for PS 3 introduction?

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