Produce a chain with a total length of 3 km that will be the world new record using 30,000 condoms

PSI (Population Services International)Hundreds of volunteers from NPO who tried challenging condom chain length record by connecting condoms one by one. The condom used was 30 thousand, and it seems that the total length reached 3 km which becomes the world new record.

Details are as follows.
The longest chain of condoms in the world | Blogging

This event was held in Bucharest, the capital of Romania as part of the AIDS prevention campaign. Condom used 30,000 condoms were sponsored by condom makerLove PlusIt is said that a large number of Romanian celebrities were participating.

According to AFP communication, the world record so far was 2.7 km long achieved in Thailand. The number of condom used was 24,516, and the number of participants was 1436.

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