I tried to train with "The Last 10-Second" which displays emergency earthquake bulletin on the personal computer

In the television, cellular phone etc corresponding to several seconds to several tens of seconds before the earthquake arrives "Teach me how many seconds to reach the earthquake" will be taught "Earthquake Early Warning"It started from this month, but what we can do in just a few seconds actually left can not move in emergency unless we have substantial training from a regular day.

That's why weather news is for individuals and displays emergency earthquake bulletins on personal computersThe Last 10-Second"(Last 10 seconds) So we are offering software, so I actually tried training. Since it can be set for various epicenters and faults, it is quite possible to train quietly.

Usage necessary for actual training is as follows.
Earthquake Early Warning for Personal The Last 10 - Second - Weather News

Actually it is a fee-based service of 315 yen per month, but you can do it for free only by training.

After downloading "Last 10 Second.EXE" has been executed and this screen will appear after a while clicking "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Next"

Installing ...... Wait for a while

Click "Close" to close it and start "The Last 10-Second" from the start menu

Click "Trial"

Since it resides in the task tray, click "notification settings"

Please select your current position and click "register setting"

By the way, when you click "Advanced setting" on the above screen, such setting becomes possible. If you press "Test" button, you can see what kind of sound actually flows. It might be better to listen once.

Next, click "Training setting" from the task tray, check the "Immediate training" and select the epicenter. If it is too far, it will be a weak seismic intensity that will not be trained, so let's choose nearby. Schedule training is also possible.

Let's also select faults. The seismic intensity and so on will be quite different depending on the faults you select.

Finally click "Save setting". The actual display is suddenly started within 1 minute after clicking.

This is the actual screen. 8 seconds remaining ...... Because there is not 10 seconds, what can we do ...?

By the way, what can we actually do and what should we do? About the understanding that it is a reference of the following Japan Meteorological Agency quite useful.

Japan Meteorological Agency | When I have heard of the emergency earthquake bulletin

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