Famicom repair reception finished on October 31st

According to Nintendo's official website,NESIt seems that the repair reception will end on October 31st. In addition, Super Nintendo, Disk System, Game Boy Light, Game Boy Pocket, Nintendo 64 will be closed on October 31st. I am amazed at what is being repaired so far.

Details are as below.
Slashdot Japan Co., Ltd. | Nintendo, NES, etc. Necessary for repairing hardware of some hardware at the end of October

The fact that it is accepted until October 31 is certainly written at the bottom of the following page.

Repair information: repair reference price

Even for other game machines, the quotation for repair quote is written quite precisely, but how much will it cost it ...? To the extent of reference, there were various repair prices written on different pages.

NES mail order "TEA 4TWO - WebShop-" How to request repair or modification?

It can also be remodeled ...... Nice ... ....

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