A boy whose parents were forbidden to play video games jumped and committed suicide

Although it is a story in Russia, it seems that a boy who was angered by parents due to performance and behavioral problems suicide triggered by banning the video game. Is it that it was so painful for him to be banned from playing games ...?

Details are as follows.
Moscow: 10-yr-old commits suicide after parental ban on computer games - Signs of the Times News

Andrey Smirnov (10 years old) was banned from playing video games with parents due to poor performance and poor grades in his study. Then he jumped from the 19th floor of the apartment where he lives and committed suicide.

According to the Russian newspaper "Komsomoris Kaya Pravda", Andrey said that his teacher had dismissed their views about his delinquency that his homeroom teacher had attached to his diary so as not to get angry at his parents, Parents were furious at Andrey's behavior, seems to have taken measures to ban TV games.

Local experts expressed concern about the children 's unhealthy dependence on computers. Mikhail Vinogradov, a facility that provides psychological support, says children banned from games easily rely on suicide without understanding what their extreme behavior will lead to.

I think that it is not thought that it will be able to revive soon even if it dies in the same way as a game, but is it because of the game that it is really fighting to easily commit suicide?

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