A seven-year-old boy will draw a picture of a gun and be suspended.

When a 2nd grade boy in New Jersey drew a stick figure painting a gun, she received suspension punishment. When I gave a picture to the other child who was riding the school bus together, the parents of the child complained about the school and it seems that this time was the situation.

Details are as below.Boy suspended for stick-figure drawing - Education - MSNBC.com

It was Kyle Walker, 7 years old, who was suspended. Local newspaper reported that Kyle is about gunsZero tolerance method(A system that strictly dispose when a rule is violated based on "cracked window theory"), he said that he was suspended for a day. His mother states that "My son just painted a water gun painting."

This time is not the first time for students to become suspended due to gun concerns in New Jersey, before a 4-year old boy said "KeiroWhen he was playing with ", he seems to have stopped studying just by making a gun shape by hand.

The standard of offense seems to be quite severe, but how much effect will it rise?

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