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by Julian King

A mini blog service with a ban on posting of adult content in a new guideline · Tumblr automatically selects adult contents equivalent to adult contents out of images posted on Tumblr using original artificial intelligence (AI) , We are sending out warnings. However, because judgment of this algorithm is too poor, it is becoming a topic that a healthy image is being porned judgment, Twitter has reported one after another.

Tumblr's porn ban is going about as badly as expected | Ars Technica

Tumblr announced on 17th December 2018 to completely prohibit posting of adult content regardless of user's age. It is said that this was triggered by the fact that the special application was deleted from Apple 's App Store at the end of November 2018 because the child porn image was included on Tumblr.

Tumblr announces prohibition on adult content - GIGAZINE

However, at this time Tumblr announced that the definition in the new guidelines was ambiguous, and complaints were also raised from users.

Meanwhile, Tumblr seems to be considering wiping out adult contents in earnest, automatically checked the image posted on Tumblr, introduced AI to send a warning when judging it as a violation content. However, the judgment precision by this AI is so low that we send warnings to images which are not totally sexual, and Tumblr users are confused. "Nothing images" that have been regarded as adult content for some reason have been reported one after another on Twitter.

Although the pose of a girl is sexy, although it is a sound image, it is said that it received a striking warning from Tumblr.

A warm image depicting the concern for idle by clerks also why the warning is subject to striking for some reason.

"Tumblr, I did not say anything, I will not give a warning to Ghibli."

"This child is a Kevin of a candle knitted with a crochet, Kevin will be treated as a breach if it is a Tumblr, because I think it is because it is adult content regardless of how they look."

It seems that the images of the two men who are lining up side by side are too exciting for Tumblr.

"The water in Atlanta is dangerous to drink and the picture of the cave that I drew in digital is too exciting for Tumblr and can not be dealt with," I received an adult judgment up to a mere cave picture.

It seems that the image of nothing food is also seen as pornographic content in the algorithm.

Okinawa specialty Sator Anderge also received a strike warning. Did Tumblr's algorithm decide adult content by looking at what part of a round and fragrant Satoran undergar?

"It was this that it was caught when you accessed Tumblr for the first time in two years because it says that some image is being warned," but it is awkward for what kind of situation this image originally is in the first place .

The image "Well done, Tumblr! You are capturing dangerous adult content brilliantly!" Was a creamy candy CM.

In addition, Rizzardo of "Pocket Monster" seems to receive adult content judgment with considerable probability in any image.

"Tumblr dislikes Rizzadon! They hate Lizardon insane"

"Sorry, Lizardard is BAN from Tumblr"

A user who gets angry at being warned of a strike with a large amount of images saying, "Oh, the staff! Please explain to me where you are violating this image!" An angry message I posted it to Tumblr and it seems that the message got a violation report.

Discrimination about adult content and sexuality is not distinguished in judgment algorithm. For this reason, some users of sexual minorities raised suspicions that "LGBT content is unequally targeted by the algorithm".

Tumblr official staff blog posting announcing ban on adult content also sent alerts as being violated. As a result, Tumblr has not announced any comment at the time of writing about this riot which warned himself of warning himself.

In addition, when a violation warning was sent to the image which should not be problem, it was said that if you file an objection it will be withdrawn.

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