The female tennis coach is caught as having a relationship with the student's 13-year-old girl

A top-class women's tennis coach was sued as having a relationship with a 13-year old girl who is his student's student. She seems to have found a girl 's mother naked in bed with her. Overseas news occasionally says that female teachers have relationships with boys of students, but there seems to be cases like this even with homosexuality.

Details and pictures below.
It is 29-year old Claire Wright being sued. She is a professional tennis player who used to play in Wimbledon once, ranking 101th in the world. However, he decided to retire injury and became a leader at Loughborough Academy of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).

It seems that the relationship began in May 2005 half a year after Claire began teaching girls, which was revealed in October 2005. When the girl's mother returned home early from the party on Sunday afternoon, he discovered that two trainers were falling on the stairs, and when I went to the girl's bedroom, two naked people on the bed That's why I stayed. Claire and girls stayed in the same room of the hotel when traveling in tournaments etc, and it seems that the place entering the same room of the same toilet was also witnessed. In the record of the interview with the police and the girl interviewed by the jury, the girl sobs, "When the mother came back, we did what we should not do, I do not know what to call it It was sexual. "

The mother did not immediately deliver it to the police, and kept her daughter in attendance at the Academy. Eventually, in merely ten months after Claire told her mother that this girl's tennis has not made progress, in August 2006, the mother formally filed a complaint.

When the police searched the house of Wright, girls' shorts with Claire's DNA attached were found. Also, in the memo of the girl's hand hidden in the bedroom, there is a message such as "The girl is obsessed with Claire" such as "It is useless with anyone else, the lie never ever loses, I will never lie again." It was left.
The girl acknowledged the relationship and said, "That was wrong, I said that I was too young and she (Clea) should have been more discriminated," while Clare said that he was heterosexual She seems to have insisted that the girl's mother did not have sexual relations with the girl and that her daughter's tennis career did not grow up.

Top lesbian tennis coach 'found in bed with girl of 13' | the Daily Mail

By the way, the picture of Claire Wright published in Daily Mail is here.

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