Suntory "Gokuri Suite Lemon" is a sweet and refreshing feeling plenty

I bought Suntory 's' Gokuri Suite Lemon' and tried drinking it. When I drank "Gokuri grapefruit miracle" before, there was a feeling of refreshment and certainly it was somewhat delicious although I could drink it with gokuri, but lemon was firmly improved.

Details are as follows.
Gokuri Suntory

It seems that the grace of lemon is tightly packed.

Cap is also Gokuri.

Pouring it. The color is a bit like a white muddy like a sports drink, and fruits such as flesh are contained considerably.

Viewed from the top. Although it is not a carbonated drink, something can be seen but this is probably flesh. When it got a little bigger it sank down and drifted in the middle of the glass.

It is not just a lemon but a sweet lemon and it has strong sweetness. It is said that lemon juice is less than 10%, but lemon is bursting to think that it is more contained. After having sweated in sports, it is full of refreshing feeling that it will be drunk like water soaked in a dry sponge. Also, please shake well as it contains more lemon pulp than you see in the picture. Otherwise, it will only collide as the last one of the canned corn potage.

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