"Squall Chardonnay & Cabernet" has a slighter grape taste than I thought

I heard that "Chardonnay & Cabernet" was newly added to the squall series released by South Japan Dairy Cooperative Co., so I immediately bought it and tried drinking it. Squall unique milky carbonic feeling is good.

Details are as follows.
Southern Japan Dairy Cooperative Co., Ltd. Squall Chardonnay & Cabernet today released!

ChardonnayWhenCabernetAnd that of the grape variety. Chardonnay is green in skin and used as a raw material for white wine, Cabernet (Cabernet · Sauvignon) is purple in color and becomes raw material for red wine.

Of course the squall logo is included.

I poured it into a glass. It's amazing foam ...

Viewed from the side. Pink color.

The flavor of grape drifts during the feeling of squally mellow drink + shuffled carbonate. I use two kinds of grapes as wine raw materials, but I do not understand the difference from when using ordinary grapes. I thought that it might be more intense but grape taste, but it seems faint than I thought because it is 1% fruit juice.

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