A woman who got a car with a kiss over 24 hours

A contest that was given the right to purchase a car at 1 yuan (about 15 yen) was done in China for the person who was kissing the car for the longest time. With the luxury of prizes it took more than 24 hours to become the last one, and the woman who won was a 27-year-old woman.

Details are as belowAnanova - Endurance car kissing contest

The contest was held in Xizhimen Jiamao shopping center in Beijing. Six pieces of Chevrolet was prepared in the lobby. The participant kisses the attached plastic nipple without touching the car, and the person who endured to the end becomes the victor. More than 400 applicants gathered, but as the attached nipple was limited, 120 people were squeezed by lottery first.

Participants are given a 10 minute break every 7 hours and 28 people will remain even after 24 hours. There, a new rule was proposed, and we decided to kiss with the hand standing behind the leg and standing on one foot. Zhang Cunying who has survived to the end seems to have been in a state where he could not get up on his own after completing the contest.

She says, "Because it is learning dance, the body is soft to help but it was because there was a belief that led to victory this time."

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