Toshiba develops "SpursEngine" processor using Cell

Toshiba developed in collaboration with IBM and Sony, high-performance processor currently installed in PS3 "CellNew media streaming processor using part of "SpursEngineIt seems he has developed "

By using this processor, efficient and flexible video processing with low power consumption can be realized.

Details are as follows.
First sample of development samples of the new processor "SpursEngine" at CEATEC JAPAN

According to this release, the newly developed media streaming processor "SpursEngine" consists of one general-purpose processor core (PPE) and eight simple processor cores (SPE) that make up the Cell processor, four SPEs and MPEG-2 , It is said that it is a combination of H.264 type encoding / decoding dedicated circuit.

This means that it functions as an auxiliary processor that cooperates with the host CPU, which is excellent in real-time video processing capabilities such as image processing and image recognition. The sample developed at this time has a processing speed of 1.5 GHz, and the power consumption is in the 10 W range. In the future we will sell it for a wide range of digital consumer products.

Incidentally, at "CEATEC JAPAN 2007" starting on October 2, using a laptop computer and a camera actually equipped with SpursEngine, a high quality texture of hair style / cosmetic CG It is said that a 3D simulation system will be released that will synthesize.

This is that system.

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