In the village of Peru, mysterious diseases are in fashion since the meteorite fell nearby

A pebble fell in the village of Peru, but later it seems that diseases of unidentified unknown are prevalent. It seems that the local people think that a stone is the cause, but I can not believe it because it is like a science fiction movie.

Details are as follows.
Mystery illness strikes after meteorite hits Peruvian village

According to the AFP correspondence, it was around noon on Saturday that the crater fell into a village in a countryside near the border between Peru and Bolivia. There seems to have been an explosion that the villagers thought might have dropped the fireball as the fireball fell.

The humanitarian of the Ministry of Health is a local radio, and the villagers seem to complain of headache and vomiting, the cause seems to be seen as being a strange smell. When seven policemen went to see the site, similar symptoms appeared and it was decided that they were to be hospitalized.

Rescue team and experts conducted on-site survey, it seems that craters about 100 feet wide (about 30 m) wide and 20 feet deep (about 6 m) deep were formed. In the crater, hot water is rising, and crushed rocks and ashes are found from nearby, and residents are showing a very uneasy expression.

Below is the movie by Reuters. The crater seems to have cold hot water.
Peruvian mystery crater | Video |

As expected, unknown bacteria are adhering to this marble ... It seems that there is nothing to be said.

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