Waste reservoir crash in Hungary, red tsunami of harmful sludge flowed into the town and four dead

Local time On October 6, at a refining factory in the Aluminum near Colon Tar of Hungary, a reservoir of waste liquid containing sludge such as heavy metals and strongly alkaline chemicals was broken.

Sludge has flowed into neighboring towns and villages, so far 4 people have died and more than 100 people are injured. Three days after the accident occurred, effluent from the reservoir stopped flowing out, but recovery is expected to take a considerable amount of time. Also, surrounding countries are feeling a sense of crisis as wastewater reaches the Danube, one of the largest rivers in Europe, and may cause further damage.

The situation after the accident is as follows.
In the early days of the accident, reports were reported that one deceased, three missing people, and ten injured people.

Hungarian villages flooded with sludge as waste reservoir bursts | World news | The Guardian

News by local TV stations.

YouTube - Red sludge - vorosiszap - catastrophe in Hungary - TV 2 - Tenyek 2010. okt. 4.

Bright red sludge covering the town.

Many people are cooperating and cleaning, but it seems that the prospect of recovery is not established.

As a result of flooding on the floor just like ordinary floods, the inside of the house is terrible.

If the color is brown in this way it is after a heavy rain ... ....

People who were rescued.

The image here seems to have been taken in the morning of the accident. It is the original image which is also quoted in the above news.

YouTube - Mindent Elontott A Vorosiszap - Everything got flooded with red sludge - Catastrophe in Hungary

The men washes away sludge on their bodies.

Red muddy stream.

People of emergency services.

The last one is summarized with aerial photographs.

YouTube - Hungary Sludge Flood called 'Ecological Disaster'

Reservoir where this broke down.

The houses are sinking in the red sea.

Is it recoverable ... ?.

Poisonous redness.

By the way, it seems that reservoir before breakdown was like this.

© dpa - Bildfunk

A car going up kicking the waste liquid.

© dpa - Bildfunk

Challenge with complete protection.

AP Photo / Bela Szandelszky

A terrace buried in sludge.

REUTERS / Bernadett Szabo

Currently, the waste liquid reaches the Danube, and not only in Hungary but also in neighboring countries are concerned.

Bulgaria: Bulgaria Under Threat of Hungary Sludge Flood - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency

It is considered to take a year to purify this contamination.

BBC News - 'One year' to clean toxic spill in Hungary

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