Mango Languages ​​site to learn languages

It is a site where you can learn various languages ​​free from English. Learning Japanese from English is also fairly good. I think whether the phrase often used by people who use English is used. It might be good for learning listening.

Details are as below.Mango Beta Launched!

How to use is very easy, enter your name and e-mail address from the top page, enter the PIN number of the sent e-mail and log in.

Of course choose Japanese for English Speakers from the Course Selection at the top of the screen. Other than that there are very big walls. Next, choose a lesson from Lesson Selection. There are 101 lessons, and even if you do one lesson every day, there are about 3 months and a half. The last is the Slide Section next to the right. You can select the slide in the lesson.

You can go to the next slide with the Slide Control arrow on the bottom right. Of course, you can also go back.

It seems to be enjoyable. Sometimes the display will be strange because it's still in beta.

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