"Embedded Help System" that allows you to embed scripts that animate and explain how to use websites in front of any website

It is possible to use it in the case where you can understand by moving the mouse cursor in front of you and it will work as this jQuery pluginEmbedded Help System"is. It is possible to use it by embedding it on any site, and the biggest feature is that it shows you how to manipulate real forms and check boxes in front of you.

I do not know what he is saying, but this is the easiest to have the demo actually see in front of me.

Demo from below.
Embedded Help System

To see a demo,UsageWe will first access the page.

Next, when you click "Search database", the numbers in the order you click and embark on this way. Even this alone is easy to understand, but here is where it shows its true value.

When clicking "Generate search report", a large mouse cursor will appear, move to the check box, and a description will pop up.

In addition, the next step is to move the mouse cursor to the search window part, highlight it, and the explanation pops up as well.

If you look at it actually you can feel the freshness. This should be quite useful when explaining the input form and how to use it. More than anything, any site can be used basically if jQuery can be embedded, so it is good that the application range is wide. Although the operation procedure is complicated and it is complicated and it does not understand at first visit, it can not do it any more easily, understanding is quick if you see the place to operate actually in front of you, but ... It is perfect.

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