Biblical content revealed by beekeeping site excavation 3000 years ago

It seems that beekeeping site marks of 3000 years ago were unearthed at Rehob Archaeological Site in northern Israel by Jebrey University in Jerusalem. It seems that one thing detailed in the Bible is understood.

Details are as below.3,000-year-old beehives unearthed in Israel -

According to this article, Israel was mentioned as "land of milk and stew" in the Bible, but it seems that it was not mentioned in the method of producing honey. It was thought that Matsu was collected from dates and figs so far, but it seems that the discovery of this time proved that honey production had been done.

About 100 hives were found in the state that the nest box was made of straw and unbaked clay and arranged in three steps. The productivity of honey was high, and this ruin of the time was thought to have advanced urban function.

It is somewhat a long story that I feel Romance that I can know details of things written in the Bible thousands of years later.

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