Headline news on 7th September 2007

Adam and Jill who became new couple at the wedding ceremony. However, the body of Adam's mother Diane was connected to the back of the two cars' open car. Diane was a lawyer of the mafia organization and recently served as a defense, but he was not guilty and had been sentenced to life imprisonment. Police began investigating suspicion of a crime committed by a resentment of a man or family who was sentenced to life as police said the murder of Diane was similar to the execution of Mafia. However, someone gets stolen evidence gained at the site.

So, tomorrow at 22 o'clock SaturdayWOWOWTo be broadcast on"CSI: 6 Scientific Investigation Group"The beginning of episode 21. The development that some of the essential evidence is stolen for CSI investigation is a spin-off workCSI: MiamiIt was also the 2nd season, but this time it will be stolen more flashy. Evidence of stolen evidence once lost will be unreliable, but how does the CSI member approach the perpetrator in any case?

So, next MondaySeptember 10. The Japan Nippon Football Association, the predecessor of the Japan Football Association, was founded in 1921, and in 1959 the "Black Feather Fundraising Campaign" began for salvation of coal miners. The main broadcast of color television began in Tokyo and Osaka in 1960 and in 2001 the first Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries announced that Japan's first BSE suspected in Chiba Prefecture. In addition, besides being born in 1932 Yasuo Yamada, the first voice actor of Lupine the 3rd generation, Yokoi Kumepairi who was involved in the development of a family computer and a game boy was born in 1941, and a musician known for the gag of " Hajime Hana died in 1993.

Today's headline news.

Slashdot Japan | a restaurant that breaks dishes and emits stress, appears in Beijing(Stress, throwing dishes and glasses on the walls and savoring daily bursts)

Slashdot Japan | "Shell Script Super Technique at Extreme Game"(There is a game movie running game, text based)

"Mysterious Karakuri" in Japanese condominium management (living, blown by the wind of Nippon): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Housing, consideration and experiences discussing why value decreases steadily from shortly after completion of apartment in Japan)

Game specialty magazine · special website deviates from reality (digital entertainment weather forecast): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Because it targets games, enthusiastic game fans, the point of view such as game specialty magazines tends to be biased from a business point of view)

I wanted to keep up with "Akiba" ("Furukawa Hikari" in Nagakute): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Akihabara, About School Swimsuit Day)

[Eleventh] Renovated as a popular innovation with occupancy rate of 90% "Sumiya's Sumire" 3rd generation Ayako Hakki 【Part 1】 ("Management Strategy of" Remording Mother "): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Ryokan, "D Dining Table" famous game creator Iino Kenji was consultant as a result of major reform and as a result, now it turned into a ryokan that can not be booked)

Hot ~, ice cream war (BusinessWeek): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Business, the ice cream industry is the Nestlé at the top of the $ 59 billion market)

Leadership who divided life and death in Antarctica ("Management Lens Box" of Mitsui Fudosan): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(On the difference of qualities as leaders of Amundsen and Scott who achieved the first South Pole arrival of mankind)

Koosuke Kitajima loses to the relay team of fifth grade primary school student | Ameba News(Sports, Yokohama National University attached at Kamakura Elementary School)

Asahi.com: Osaka city staff at meal dedicated to the world athletes eating - society(Sports, "I bought it if I showed my identity card so I ate it")

Call for attention with international lottery complaints from elderly increase | case trial | society | Sankei WEB(40% or more of contractors are over 70 years old)

J-CAST News Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank loses customer information for 350 thousand people(Bank, there is a high possibility that I threw it by mistake)

Yahoo! News - Sankei Shimbun - Going off to reduce residents' tax reductions to low-income earners(Politics, what you need is sent off by about 20% of the low income group)

WIRED VISION - Vint Cerf "Television is obsolete, download movies are mainstream"(Net, Mr. believes that bandwidth will not be a problem)

Nanao, 24.1 type WUXGA display cuts 100,000 yen(Hardware, sequentially released from September 14)

Japan.internet.com Mobile · Wireless - Apple to Offer $ 100 Gift Certificate to "iPhone" Initial Purchaser(Mobile, because prices declined in a few months)

FG Gundam Exia (Gundam 00) Plamo's assembly review(Plamo, are you not going to be broadcast yet?)

Hua Fighter, total sortie! "Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Wars - Kimi there are for you" - Famitsu.com(Game, Sakura Taisen wonders dungeon wind game)

Interview with 'Homework agency' undertaking summer vacation homework - Erogu chan news(Movie, college students who actually do homework)

Asahi.com: Mr. Araki of Popular Manga "Jojo" Cover of the American Biology Journal - Culture · Entertainment(Manga, an image of a scrapper that breaks down proteins)

Weapons shop! In front of Kamakura Big Buddha encounters an aunt who pulls a reverse bladed blade(Note, weapons shop in Kamakura)

Hino and Japan - I've talked to distributors of CDs that I have contracted before, but it seems that so-called indie type CDs are indeed in a crisis situation(Music, initial order drastically decreased)

【School of Music】 Do not use this song at a wedding ceremony! | Funny Community Edge count(Memo, do not use marriage march in wedding ceremony)

In Russia, we are developing a secret weapon "Black Hole Bomb" that can kill 1 billion people in one shot ⊂ ⌒ ⊃.Д.) ⊃ Kaze speed ≡ ≡ ≡ ⊂ √ √ √ ゚(Technology, what are you doing in Russia)

WIRED VISION - Does Japan aim for "Google competing engine" to succeed?(Technology, which is expected to be impossible in Japan)

Google, planning to sell e-books - US news reports - CNET Japan(Books and e-books should not take up space)

Breeding bees, mass destruction in rice ... suspected virus infection Science YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Overseas, infection sources are Australian bee and royal jelly from China)

Pilot in China to lack the pilot by 2010, willingness to appoint women Excite news(Overseas, private airline companies lack pilots)

CNN.co.jp Uniform appearance of guests Three times through bank robbery and arrested soba in front of police officers - spoken story(Arrested overseas, robbery, assault, obstruction of public performance, escape)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Tour of the 23 rd city ward office statue bronze statue(Memos, those with similar poses)

Silver tooth contamination inside the meal of rice feeding at Shimane's kindergarten | Fun Community Edge Count(Food, those found for caries treatment)

Asahi.com: Beef bowl restoration first anniversary sale, Yoshinoya since 14 - Life(Discount tickets when eating beef bowl and meal)

On 9th September, it was ¥ 1029 for Kernel's Day Chicken 9 Piece(Food, from today to September 9)

What is New Shibuya specialty, "Hachikobarger"! Excite News(Food, name is Burger, but actually sweets)

Ramba Q It seems that there is a custom of eating croquettes when typhoon comes(Spreading from eating, croquette lovers of 2 ch)

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