Various micro-unit art seen in microscopic photos such as the world's smallest toilet

The world's smallest toilet and nail with a length of 0.2 micrometer are micro art with unit of size less than millimeter. It seems that it is a work of a microscopic photography contest, there are things that I misunderstand.

Details are as follows.
EIPBN MicroGraph Contest

The world's smallest toilet. I can not add it.

Sagrada Familia.

Big wave.

A sight like a desert.

A runner.

Gymnastics with everyone. Is it the second radio gymnastics?

roller coaster. There is no rail.

A nerve of 0.2 micrometer in length. There is nothing to hit it even if there is a chestnut.

When I thought it, I also made a hammer.

Escher of micro.

A spider's web. Microorganisms seem to be caught.

I can not move chess.

The world's smallest maze. There seems to be a part which is not a maze.

Something like a daikon.

This seems to be held by an international conference called EIPBN which gathers micro- and nano-processing technicians and scientists, and quite interesting work is appearing every year.

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