Photos and movies of Stelvio Pass with 60 hairpin curves on the slope

In Stelvio's pass road in Italy, 60 hairpin curves are packed so that it sticks to the mountains. The pass is 2757 meters above sea level and it is the highest pass road in the East Alps. I gathered photos and movies of such a road.

Details are as follows.
A road that repeats curves everywhere.

From the mountain view, you can see that the road sticks to the slope.

Something like a red paint on the stone pillar next to the road ....

It seems to be lined with several lanes.

A considerable height difference.

It sees from the return of the curve.

It continues to the mountain over there.

A road going up along the mountain.

It's like this in winter.

This is around this map. It is pretty cool.

Google Maps

Below is a movie that shows running on Stelvio Pass.
YouTube - Stelvio

I go down the pass road.
YouTube - Down the Stelvio Pass

Ferrari runs from far down.
YouTube - Ferraris on Stelvio pass

The image of the web camera can be seen below.


With such a feeling, we can see that the weather has changed daily.

Other photos can be seen from the following links.

Fogonazos: Stelvio Pass road, 48 hairpin turns to the top of the Alps

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