Annual annual Spanish tomato festival

The tomato throwing festival to be held in Bunol, Spain, which is said to be the most dirty festival, was held this year. About 40,000 people gathered this year, 115 tons of tomatoes used. The whole town is full of tomatoes, it is because of the red color and it looks a little grotesque.

Details are as below.
Spluch The biggest tomato battle in the world

A tomato puddle is formed on the ground.

To the face full of satisfaction to be buried in tomato.

A photograph that feels art.

Tension Max.

There are too many people.

People who blend with tomatoes.

The following is a movie.

Everyone else.
YouTube - Resultado Tomatina 2007

Dense condition that can hardly be moved.
YouTube - Tomatina Baby!

Tomatoes are also mercilessly hit by cameras.
YouTube - La Tomatina 2007

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