A world record new record of 180 km / h with street luge with jet

It is said that Joel King gave a world record of the highest speed in the street luge with the jet. That speed is 112 miles per hour (180 km / h).

The movie and details below.
Mr. Joel King achieved this record at the old Air Force Base in Ipswich. The street louge used is 2 meters in length and the engine seems to be about 6000 pounds (about 1.4 million yen) to be used for unmanned aerial vehicles and gliders if it is normal. The idea itself was thinking from when I started street louge five years ago and he has raised the engine of 90,000 rpm to 97,000 rpm to challenge this time recording.

The world record which Mr. Joel broke is unknown, but since it seems that 70 mph (112 km / h) was a world record around 2005, it seems that the record has been updated considerably momentum.

The challenging movie is below. I will fly over the asphalt with a luge.

Exclusive Interview: Joel King Breaks World Speed ​​Record on Jet-Powered Luge - Gizmodo

By the way, Street Luge was also held at X Games of the convention which gathered Extreme Sports, but it seems that it has been abolished now.

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