Derolian DMC-12 image resurrected by limited production in 2008 Various

It seems that DMC-12 famous for the movie "Back to the Future" is restored with limited production. The annual production volume is quite small, on the order of 20, but it is good news for Delorian fans all over the world.

This time I gathered images of such Delorian DMC - 12. By the way, it is unknown whether the figure of the resurrecting Derolian will be the same as this old figure, as the press mold of the body was discarded in the sea.

The image is below.
Let's Do The Time Warp Again: The De Lorean Will Be Back In 2008! - Jalopnik

Delorian lined by three cars.

Where the gull wing door was opened, from behind.

Not a good silver, but a black Delorian.

DMC emblem on front grill.

Derolian of the movie specification.

By jasonEscapistCreative Commons

Back to the future Delorian equipped with "Mr. Fusion" which appears in Part 2, decomposing raw garbage and obtaining power.

The inside of the car in the normal state looks like this.

Reproduce interior decoration in the movie. Lots of obscure switches.

Derolian of pure gold specification. There are three, two of them are on display in Nevada and Texas, and it seems that one is owned by an ordinary person.

I saw the pure gold specification Derolian from the back.

A strange color Delorian.

Derolian that a fire broke out. What a waste ...

Delorian that is likely to run over a bad road.

"Delorian 2005"

Delorian DMC - 12 used as a time machine in the movie "Back to the Future" is characterized by a gull wing door. In the United States it was recognized so much and it became famous all over the world by the big hit of the movie, but in 1985 as a movie release, Delorian company was bankrupt and it was not produced. However, it seems that it was supposed to be restored by limited production because the original engine remains as inventory. Details of the following links are detailed.

WIRED VISION / "Delorian" comeback - limited production in 2008

Also, for the history of Delorian it is easy to understand the following.

The history of Delorian in 5 minutes

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