The world's oldest gum 5000 years ago is discovered

A student studying archeology in the UK found a piece of chewing gum 5000 years ago. This seems to be one of the oldest gums discovered so far.

Details are as below.
Spluch Is this the world's oldest chewing gum

Gum was made from sap of birch and was discovered when Mr. Sarah Picken, 23 years old, was discovering in Finland. It seems that the gum has a tooth profile.

According to a teacher at Derby University, "The sap of birch contains phenol, which has antiseptic effect.The people in the Neolithic Age knew that it had the effect of adjusting the physical condition by chewing it It is conceivable that the tooth shape which remained clearly in the gum clearly shows it. "

Sini Annala of Kierikki Center describes how to make this gum.

"Heat the bark's bark and make sap, boil it and it will solidify when it cools, then heat it again will soften and you can use it as a kind of chewing gum."

Since there is not any fragrance, it seems that you can not expect the taste.

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