The student team of Stanford University recreates "ancient beer 5000 years ago"

A research result that found a trace that beer was made about 5000 years ago in China was published in the Bulletin of the American Academy of Sciences. Mr. Li Liu, one of the research teams, is a professor teaching Chinese archeology at Stanford University, but we tried to make the lecture students actually make the oldest beer in China.

Revealing a 5,000-y-old beer recipe in China

Stanford students recreate 5,000-year-old Chinese beer recipe

Liu et al. 'S research team analyzed residues adhering to the inner wall of pottery found in the mining site in northern China, fermented barley and other grains in China about 5000 years ago to make beer I found a trace of it. The oldest barley seed found in China has been a valuable discovery to show that barley was used for beer making rather than edible since it was older than 4000 years ago because it is the oldest barley seed found so far. The ancient Chinese are mainly cereals such as millet · millet and barley, and grasses native to AsiaJuzudamaIt is said that they were making beer using such as, and it was said that yamamomo and lily roots were mixed in a trace amount.

The ancient beer recipe is not left with letters etc, but a lecture was made at Stanford University to reproduce the ancient beer made at the time, based on the analysis result of the residue. A group of students who received Liu's lecture first challenged the reproduction of ancient beers using wheat, millet and barley seeds. First of all, "malt production" to germinate the grain by washing it was carried out, and germinated grain and cracked barley seed were soaked in water.

Next, put the container containing the cereal and water in the oven, heat it at 65 ° C for 1 hour,SaccharificationI urge you. After that, seal the container with lap and ferment it for 1 week at room temperature and it was completed.

In the lecture, in addition to the oldest beer in China, drinking in Peru and BoliviaChichaUsing the recipe method,CassavaWe made beer made with. The way to make it chews out cassava in the mouth, spits out, boils it with other ingredients and ferment it.

The "Chinese beer 5000 years ago" reproduced in this manner is a look like a porridge at first sight, because it drinks the material added for fermentation without filtering. It is thought that you were drinking a supernatant using something like a straw, but the sour smell is strong, but the taste is sweeter and fruity than the modern bitter beer. Some students made wheat using the same recipe, wheat beer had fruity aroma and citrus taste, it seemed like cider.

On the other hand, Madeleine Otah who made cassava using "cassava" said, "It was a very strange experience to make beer by reclaiming food and I wondered why alcohol would be generated "I commented. Oda-san said that he did not feel like checking the taste with the smell like "funky cheese", but he said that "the results of both experiments have gone out and it has been rewarded." I will.

Students also analyze the beer they made, and these results will be added to the final results of the study. Furthermore, it is also included in research on "ancient alcohol production" which Professor Liu is advancing elsewhere.

You can see what the 5,000 years ago beer actually completed is from the following movie.

Stanford students recreate 5,000-year-old Chinese beer recipe - YouTube

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