From the stone age of 60,000 years ago people clearly settled in one place

In a research published by Dr. Paloma de la Pena of Johannesburg University in South Africa and Dr. Lyn Wadley of Witwatersland University, human beings settled in one place during the stone age of about 58,000 years ago It has been suggested.

New study finds 'staying longer at home' was key to stone age technology change 60,000 years ago

Speaking of Sibuu Cave in South Africa, it is known as an archaeological site that has brought many archaeological knowledge for many years, but it seems to be one of the "65,000 to 62,000 years ago"Howiesons PoortWe conducted a survey on the situation. Many processed stones have been found in Howiesons Poort of the Sibuu Cave, and stone tools machined into the crescent shape and blades with thinly processed coarse grain basalt,Hornfels, Quartz and so on. In these tools, it seems that red yellow soil is used instead of glue to attach handle and hand to stoneware.

Howiesons Poort also has tools that process a variety of bones, including the arrowheads made of the oldest bones in the world. Various other hunting tools are made, and it seems that some stone tools are thought to have been used as a trap to catch small animals. Also in the bones of animals found in the Sibuu cave are various from zebra and fish, and even pigeons and small carnivores, this is a diversity of people living in caves It seems that it can be said that it shows well.

It is thought that coarse rocks such as quartzite and sandstone and grinding stones which were thought to have been used for crushing loess and bones were collected near the Shibadoo cave. In addition, it was necessary to burn the grass or move the camp to keep the camp clean, as grass beds that had become bedding at the time were easy to spread the pests. And when analyzing the stacked layers of burnt sedge and grass bed in the Shibaido Cave, many grass beds and burnt sedge layers overlap.

As you can see from these evidences, people 58,000 years ago seem to know that they stayed longer in Sibuu Cave than they did before. However, it is not clear whether the people who were in the Shibuwoo cave before 58,000 years ago were small group or a group of large number, but it is clear that the raw materials of the tool were installed at a place closer to the base (Shibu-do Cave) It was said that it was "family" that likes to gather. "

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