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"It's a couple of seconds to draw, but it took 34 years to be able to draw in a few seconds"

"Since work must go out on the table from the head, we need to do it from the bottom of my heart."

"Genius is about those who can endure patience."

William Burnback
"Imitation may be a commercial suicide act"

"Our work is to revive the dead facts"

"There is no good advertisement or bad advertisement, something good at one point may be bad at another timing, and the research will lock you in the past."

"Rules are what an artist breaks down, and memorable things are never born from the formula."

"The idea can change into dust and magic, depending on the talent to touch it"

ByLiber the poet

Sole bus
"I hope that everything that I do is beautiful, I care whether the client understands its value, what the client is looking for, or what is worth. I do not do that, which is worthy of me, which is my view of life, I want to make beautiful things even if no one cares. "

"Interesting things will happen when creative impulses are cultivated by curiosity, autonomy, fierce power."

David Ogilvy
"Do not bunt, aim at outside home runs"

"I do not know the rules of grammar - if you persuade people to do something or try to purchase something you should use their words"

"Many of the messy advertisements you see on television are made by the committee, which the committee can criticize for advertisements, but should not be allowed to create advertisements."

Neil Drossz Tyson
"I do not want to work the first time together is a person who says," It is not in my duties. "

Andre · Debusss III
"The more you think about the doubt, the more interesting doubts come, I believe it is a work of art."

Jules Renard
"Style (method, type) is to forget all styles"

David Carson
"If you do not have an intuitive sense about design, call yourself" information designer "HelveticaPlease use only. "

"Graphic design will save the world after rock and roll"

ByLuiz Gustavo Hafemann

Charles Eames
"Recognizing needs is the first condition in design"

Alec Isigonis
"A camel is a horse designed by the committee (meaning that it will result in ugly things that do not understand what results as a result of incorporating various ideas)"

◆ Joe · Sparano
"A good design is obvious, a wonderful design is transparent."

Milton · Gracer
"There are three reactions in the design, three of" yes "" no "" wow. "Design to" wow ""

"Certainty is the closure of the heart, and when you make something new, you always have to wonder."

Valerie Pettis
"Design is" business and art "" art and technology "" intuition and reason "" concept and details "" cheeriness and stiffness "" client and designer "" magic between designer and printer "and" printer and society " It is to seek balance of it. "

Philippe Ross
"The road leading to hell is paved by ongoing work"

Matthew Carter
"As the proverb goes, the font is a beautiful companion of letters, not a member of net literature."

ByLiz west

Robert Burlinghurst
"As the key to musical performance is in its composition, the key to typography is in literature, interpretation is inherently full of infinite opportunities with insight or insensitivity"

"Typography is a visual language format that connects time beyond the times"

Ellen · Lapton
"Readers usually ignore typographic interface because they follow the literacy practice, but sometimes interfaces may cause it to fail.Typography can make pages, screens, You can illuminate the location or product composition and identity. "

◆ Milton · Graser
"I think that I am fortunate is that there is something that surprises me, that I am still surprised, I have to admit that I have not basically learned it, I think that the possibility of learning does not disappear by doing, I think that it will be a great advantage for art. "

Neville Brody
"Design is more than a trick you chose for the eye, it's a bit tricky for the brain"

Henri Matisse
"One red of red is red than a full bucket of red"

ByAsja Boroš

Jacob Nielsen
"A useless website is like an inexperienced seller"

Neil Geyman
"Truth is not an idea, it's never an idea, it's always what you do"

John Cage
"Art is like a kind of experimental place to try living things."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
"Perfection is not done when there are not any more additives, but it is done when there is nothing to take away."

Paul Land
"Design is very simple, it makes it very complicated."

"People are familiar with bad designs rather than good designs because they are used to actually prefer bad designs because they are living things new things are threatened while old things are relieved I give a feeling. "

"Design is everything, everything!"

Scott Adams
"Creativity is to allow myself to fail, art is to know which to leave"

Alan · Fletcher
"The typeface is the alphabet in the restraint clothing"

Sara Gen
"Having a favorite color is like having a favorite lung"

◆ Robin Matthew
"Design is a place where science and art breaks"

ByJonas John

Ray Bradbury
"I do not need an alarm clock, my idea will wake me up."

Matthew Butterik
"As deep space is not a color,Times New RomanIt can not be a font's choice. "

Thomas J. Barat
"Any fool can make soap, but you need a smart person to sell it."

Marian Banges
"By processing the work we deal with yourself more, you can succeed more."

Robert L. Peters
"Design forms the culture.Culture forms the evaluation.Evaluation determines the future"

Jack Kerouac
"Genius is born, talent is given, we can not see again what Rembrandt and Van Gogh saw at night."

Eric Kessels
"If there was only one typeface in the world, is it not fun? The designer does not cover the design with a fancy typeface, but it becomes necessary to think about the idea behind the design, then one A universal typeface will remove the flashy emptiness on the design, of course, the universal typeface must be Helvetica. "

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