When I was eating potato chips, there were mice fried in bags

This is a story that occurred in the United States, but when you are relaxing eating potato chips while watching TV in a dark room, it seems that furry rats came out from a potato chip bag. Moreover, it was about to put it in danger.

This is a terrible story.

Details are as follows.
United Press International - NewsTrack - Quirks - Fried mouse found in Frito Lay bag

According to this article, on June 19th a 66-year-old man named Jack Hines in America was eating potato chips with fritray barbecue while watching television in a dark room, and a deep-frowned rat It seems that it was inside the bag. He did not notice that, he tried pinching the mouse as it was and took it in his mouth, for the first time he realized that it was a mouse, he was surprised and threw it over his head.

And when I called the toll free number written on the back of the bag, I was told by a woman at Frito's customer center, "Please leave the bag and the rat as it is" and asked if I had nausea It is said that. He replied "No" to that question. In addition, it seems that the rat and the bag come to collect the representatives of Frito tray at a later date.

By the way, in response to this incident, he said he commented that he will never buy barbecued potato chips again. There is no impossibility.

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