Fujitsu launches up to 200 GB 2.5 inch HDD for 24 hours continuous operation

It is said that Fujitsu will release the 2.5 "HDD" MHY 2 BS "series which will be OK even if it will run 24 hours a day from the end of August. The maximum capacity is 200 GB.

It is compatible with harsh operating environments, it realizes suppression of heat generation and power consumption, and it has a function that minimizes performance degradation due to vibration when multiple HDDs are mounted about.

Details are as follows.
2.5-inch HDD with maximum capacity of 200 gigabytes corresponding to continuous operation for 24 hours New release: Fujitsu

According to this release, this "MHY 2 BS" series which is released this time adopts Serial ATA interface at 5400 revolutions per minute, and it is used in a harsh operating environment which reads and writes data frequently after operating for 24 hours It seems to correspond to.

In addition to reducing heat generation and power consumption, it also supports performance degradation due to rotational vibration "rotational vibration" that occurs when multiple HDDs are mounted on the same machine. It seems that the main use is for built-in to ATM system, POS system, industrial equipment products such as medical equipment, entry server, storage system.

Is it normal that ordinary HDD does not correspond to operation for 24 hours in the first place ...?

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