How to lengthen battery life of notebook PC

The amount of electricity (electric capacity) that can be gradually accumulated while using the battery of the notebook PC shrinks and deteriorates. Since degradation seems to be suppressed to some extent depending on the ingenuity, how about trying those who use laptop PCs? However, since it is a method of thinking about batteries, it can not be said that there is no effect on other parts.

Details are as follows.
1, Defragment regularly
If the hard disk does not go much to read the data, it seldom uses the battery. By defragmenting even a little to suppress fragmentation, the hard disk can work at high speed.

2, Darken the display
When the display is bright, the extra CPU and cooling fan will move accordingly, and I will use the battery.

3, Stop the program running in the background
Let iTunes and Desktop Search stop it because it increases the CPU load and skips the battery life slowly.

4, Remove external devices
If you connect the equipment with USB or wireless LAN, including the mouse, you will eat the battery, so remove those that are not in use. Charging iPod will surely exhaust the battery quickly.

5, adding memory
Reduce the battery consumption by not using the virtual memory that uses the hard disk much. Actually, when moving a heavy program, it is more crisp to move more memory.

6, Hard disk is better than optical drive
Since optical drives trying to rotate also consume power when not in use, it is better to use virtual drives like Alchol 120% if possible.

7, Clean the connection terminals of the battery
Metal in the battery connection is wiped with a cloth moistened with alcohol solvent every 2 to 3 months. This makes the power supply from the battery efficient.

8, Beware of battery
Do not leave the charged battery for a long time and use it at least once every 2 to 3 weeks. Lithium ion batteries should not be discharged completely. However, excluding older batteries that have memory effects (the memory effect is touched at the 15th position).

9, Hibernation rather than standby
You can return to operation as soon as you leave it in standby mode, but use power more than hibernation. If it is in hibernation you can save the current situation and put it in the same state as shutdown.

10, keep the temperature low
By lowering the temperature of the notebook PC to a lower level, it can move more efficiently. For that, let's clean the intake and exhaust vents properly.

11, Optimizing the power option
Set "Power Options" in "Control Panel" properly. Maximum use of the battery "can last longer the battery.

12, Do not multitask
Especially, do not multitask when you operate laptop with battery. Do not worry about listening to music with an MP3 player while launching the mailer, and finish the work before even a little battery is used.

13, PC should only handle lightly
Mail and word processing software are easier to process and less power consuming than playing games or watching DVDs.

14, using a higher performance laptop
Even though it is said that the performance of the battery rather than the processing capacity of the PC. The notebook PC is evolving rapidly and the battery itself is getting better as well, so it is better to make something newer than forever using the old age forever.

15, to prevent memory effect
If you are using an old laptop,Memory effectYou have to be careful. Do it at least once every two or three weeks to fully charge the battery and discharge it completely. However, it is not necessary for lithium ion batteries.

Omaque 1, turn off auto save function
Word and Excel have the function of automatically saving files at regular intervals. Although this is a fairly useful function in doing work, it is better to turn it off when you need to worry about the remaining battery level.

Omake 2, suppress the use of graphics
Reduce the use of graphic cards (video cards) by lowering the resolution. These power to use is equal to or higher than that of the hard disk.

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Top 15 Ways to Extend Your Laptop's Battery Life

If it does according to this, the battery may last long, but others will be inconvenient in various ways. When I am in the coming season, I'd like to be careful not to place PCs in hot places too much.

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