Japan's huge parfait, challenging to Colombia's "Mt. Fuji"

In the article of the other day GIGAZINE editorial members totalI walked down the town I'd eat in Osaka Minami "Dotonbori"rear,Explore the retro atmosphere of food theme park "Dotonbori Pole Stores"Although it was told that, in the Dotonbori Polar Branch shop town we were awaiting the biggest parfait of parlor "Colombia" in Japan "Fuji MountainIt was (9800 yen).

GIGAZINE editorial staff who used 5 liters of vanilla ice to shudder a super huge parfait. Could it be safe to complete and return home?

Details are as follows.
This is the huge parfaiton "Mt. Fuji" in Japan.

I looked up. It looks like a castle.

I tried to make a whole lap.

I tried clearing the pudding and cream puffs on top. It is still affordable.

Corn that is poured around. I am relieved because Ice was not clogged inside.

I will capture little by little ....

I tried digging vanilla ice.

Safely. So that you can see the other side.

I tried a lightning rod on the top of the mountain.

Viewed from the top. It is far from capture.

An accident here. An editorial staff member was attacked by ice cream. It is not when you are taking pictures.

The penetrating hole expanded considerably.

It has decreased considerably. Ice is melting out. As expected the pace of eating from around here will begin to slow down. One editor already has dropped out.

A movie of a state of melting out.

I saw it from another angle. It is no longer the original shape.

Chocolate ice of the foundation melted, it became like chocolate fondue.

Viewed from the top. I do not know what I am doing.

I tried a little closer.

It melts out seriously.

A movie at this point. To my best choice.

Eventually an ice avalanche occurred. At this point the editorial staff's energy to eat is almost zero.

It is like a contaminated river in China.

This is terrible.

I gave up in 1 hour and 2 minutes since I started eating. It is not complete dish.

Although I tried to eat it, I could not bear to worry that my body temperature dropped sharply. I tried drinking warm tea but it is water to the rocks. After all it seems that it was impossible to eat 5 liters of ice cream with four people. After this I went to a ramen shop to warm up my cold body.

By the way, when I asked the store manager, "It is more likely that women will eat more than men", so maybe you will be pleased if you take them at the time of a date etc.

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