Revenge on Columbia's huge parfait "Mt. Fuji" using about 8 liters of ice ~ Re-climbing edition at Mt. Fuji ~

"It was too big to say parfait. It was big, heavy, heavy and rough. That was exactly "Mt. Fuji"That's why, finallyMt. Fuji in ColombiaCame down.

"First of all, 8 liters of vanilla ice in the middle is cleared up first, because when it melts it increases in volume, it is not very inevitable but it is not in a state to be eaten.Other other stabbing stuff, etc. stuck together Cakes and fruits are postponed! I will take care of them later carefully! Wash your fish and wait! "This is a reckless strategy that we set up last time.

Well, is this strategy really going to work? Fuji mountain climbing is from below.
This is "Mt. Fuji"

Tiramisu, cheesecake, green tea ice cream, melon, grape or cream are sticking to the side or top of the head. No, should I say that it is stuck?


Looking at the movie it looks like the following. I tried rotating around.

Jumbo parfait in Colombia "Fuji" 01

It attacks Mt. Fuji with feeling that everyone fly at the same time, Kurae

Protection of the side part is anyhow hard

Attack of fresh cream! Editorial staff D who is not good at fresh cream is not good at sweet though it should be athletic society, haste down, hurry too fast, what a hette.

One already has left the battlefield, and the other six challenge to fight. Let's remove vanilla ice from the top, remove what was piled up on the top, let's do so.

Something that was taken out and postponed.



Successfully scraping away. Or, Editorial staff E will eat Morimori with ever-strong momentum. In the case of roast burning etc., "It is OK even if you can score a goal ... ...." It was like a feeling, but what a sweet thing like this is a favorite thing.

I will put on ice and put on ice, eat fast, fast


Left over

It gotten considerably gone and became like a mountain. The momentum is still not declining.

Overall picture. Are you okay, can you really eat it?

Even if you worry it will not start, go! Go! Go! Go! Eat if you have an idea! Move the spoon anyway!

Total attack

No one will forgive him anymore,

Lamb raisins as quite popular as taste

I do not know well what kind of cake it looks, but I will turn this kind of thing backwards and continue to devote my full effort to burying the enemies before me.

And finally saw the bottom of the dish! Last time I saw the bottom of the glass that I could not see at all! It is!

As soon as I notice it, the vanilla ice is nearly annihilated!

How naughty!


I finally caught 8 liters of vanilla ice which had been settled in the middle which should have been a strong enemy. After that, it is a scouting game of each individual defeat.

· Continued
Revenge on Columbia 's huge parfait "Mt. Fuji" using about 8 liters of ice - finally completed accomplishment ~

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