Ten truths that everyone who knows "do it later" should know

There are various causes to hinder the success of the work, but among them the most frequently seen are "post later", "read later", "later" and so on and gradually postponed, resulting in a great delay That is what it is.

Once this habit of postponement arrives, everything goes through and passes for the time being, and conditionally refusively continues to fight himself as "I will do it later", and finally my own work It will rebound on the achievement and trust of others. I have to manage somehow.

So, Joseph Ferrari Associate Professor of De Paul University in Chicago, the foremost researcher on the mental structure that postpones and procrastinates, the psychology association of Carlton University in Ottawa, Canada's capital It is about the 10 truths that should be known by those who procrastinate by the two professors Timorthy Pychyl.

Knowing these ten truths, it may become possible to self-control. Details are as follows.
1: 20% of people are aware that they are procrastinating.
The lifestyle itself has gotten used to procrastinating, and it has become impossible on time.

2: Although there are many people who do not think that putting forward is a serious problem, it is never such a trivial thing
It is a problem of self-control, self-adjustment that puts off everything anyhow, especially in the United States that tendency is strong. It is a so-called national character.
In addition, "reason" in postponement is just "excuse", it is just an excuse, so no one will seriously hear that excuse. Evaluation from surroundings falls, and it is becoming an evaluation that "he is a lazy fellow who is ah".

3: The habit of postponing is not a matter of schedule or time management
Though it is surprising, those who do thru quickly and read "to watch later", "to read later", "to reply later", "do it later" are not people who can not estimate time. I know how long it will take to do properly. However, it seems to be too optimistic compared to other people.
Perhaps there are many places based on this optimism that many people can see in America.

4: Those who postpone are not directly but have learned to postpone from home environment
The cause of postponement is that it is also in the family environment where it was born and raised. It seems likely to happen if you grow up in an authoritarian parenting style family.
In other words, either parents are authoritarian and strictly trying to control their own children, because that is too strong, the ability of children to adjust themselves themselves and adjust themselves, their own intended behavior It will be impossible to learn what happens by the result of. And it seems that action to "postpone" comes out in the form of "defiance" against such parental control.
People who will postpone will be more susceptible to friends than their families because of this family environment, and that customs will be strengthened further by these friends. Because, in order to choose a friend who will allow this procrastination and a person who will accept an excuse to postpone as a friend. It is the start of a vicious circle.

5: People with more alcohol consumption tend to postpone
In other words, because the person who is going to postpone is not a person who can not self-adjust and self-control inevitably, it is inevitable that drinking will not be done in an appropriate amount, and as a result it will result in taking alcohol in a larger amount than other people is. It seems that it is easy to fall into the same way not only for alcohol but also for substance abuse etc.

6: People who put themselves forward lie to themselves by themselves
To protect your sense of lying, "This is not importantIt seems to let you tell myself to say "I like it." And as yet another lie, you can be more creative as the deadline comes when pressure comes! It seems to think about such things as.
For example, "I feel like to do a kore tomorrow," "I can not feel like doing a job if the due date does not come close," and lie to myself. Actually, however, I do not feel like doing it the next day, and I do not have a good job if there is pressure. As a result, we just waste time wasting uselessly.

7: There is a strong tendency to actively tend to be distracted positively
By distracting your attention from what you should do, it seems to protect your emotions and yourself from the fear of doing what you should do and failing.
For example, frequently checking without e-mail. Is there something e-mail coming up than I should do? That is why people are very concerned. I heard about people who want to clean up before the exam, but that is the same reason. So-called escape.

8: There are three types of typical three types of procrastination
· Awake type:A person who feels a thrill of not doing anything to a crisis situation. I feel a sense of happiness in finishing my job in a hurry and close enough at the deadline. It is a person who learns to the last deadline, finishes work with super express, finishes feeling like "Oh, a lot of work ~ ♪" since it was over. In other words, there is nowhere to reflect on neglecting until the last moment.
· Avoidance type:A person who procrastinates to avoid the fear of failure or to avoid the fear of success. This seems to be caused by lack of ability and not neglecting effort. A person who is so-called "you can do it if you become motivated".
· Unable to decide type:A person who can not make a decision. Because I am afraid of the consequences of events that arise by making decisions, I will postpone making decisions.

9: Procrastination will result in tremendous cost
People who procrastinate in short, self-management ability is also low in short, it seems that harm to health is also great as a result. It is prone to colds and influenza, gastrointestinal disorders are likely to occur, and even insomnia is more likely. Besides that, in order to pass on the responsibility of postponing and delaying the result to others, it disturbs work team work and destroys personal relationships. Certainly, if there are people who keep postponing everything, work will not proceed, and if they do not keep promises on time, they will not depend on private but will inevitably become somewhat estranged Is it natural? In other words, it pays too much cost.

10: Even those who procrastinate can change their behavior
So how can I change myself that I will postpone? There are many spiritual energies required to change, but "Cognitive behavioral therapyIt seems to be possible to improve by.

The above description is based on the following article.

Psychology Today: Procrastination: Ten Things To Know

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