Flash in the Middle East 5000 years clearly seen in 90 seconds

There is a flash that can revive the history of 5000 years in the Middle East centering on the Arabian Peninsula in 90 seconds. Although there is no detailed story, it is easy to see what kind of power roughly dominated the Middle East. It is likely to be used in world history classes.

Details are as below.
Imperial History

Full screen version is from below.


The title is "IMPERIAL HISTORY OF THE MIDDLE EAST". It is the history of the empire of the Middle East.

At first it was in the Nile basinKingdom of EgyptIs born.

In due timeHittite Empire,Ancient IsraelAnd,Empire of AssyriaTo prosper.

AssyriaNew BabyloniaIs destroyed, and furtherAchaemenid dynamics Persia,Kingdom of MacedoniaAfter that,Roman EmpireThe rule of law will spread.

The Roman Empire eventually divides east and west, the Middle EastSasan dynasty PersiaIt dominates. After that, the orthodox caliphIslamic StateThe foundation, the flow of the Islamic dynastySeljukJerusalem by the crusade expeditionCrusader stateTo those of.

I regained Jerusalem from the CrusadesAi yave morning. However, from the eastEmpire of MongoliaAppears,Fleg (Il Han)Baghdad is caused to fall.

As Mongolia declines,Ottoman EmpireHe overwhelmed the other countries. However, the Ottoman Empire also declined, colonies of various European countries gradually increased, and the border like the present was established at this time.

In 1948 after the Second World WarIsraelIs a founding country, by the 1970s most countries are independent and the present Middle East is completed.

This is an illustration of the powers of the countries of the past, Jerusalem and Baghdad. It turns out that these two cities have important meanings.

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