"Amazon Water" really tastes like an Amazon

A sports drink "Amino Vital" Amazon Water sold since May 7 this year. It seems that amino acids and Amazon fruits are contained and it can supply health and moisture, but I was concerned about what kind of taste it was, so I tried drinking it.

Details are as below.
Sports drink combining amino acids and Amazon fruits
"Amino Vital" Amazon Water New Release

AcaiWith extractGuaranaextract,Cam cam· Four kinds of fruit juice, guava, banana and lemon.

There is a mysterious expression of amino acid × Amazon fruit + clear water supply.

It seems that Acai is using good quality products.

Cap is of amino Vital series.

The contents are like this. If I thought it was a color like orange juice, it is surprisingly light in color.

I tried drinking it immediately, but the taste is the same as "Ne ne ne ne" Kraft sweets "Become becoming becomingIt is similar to jelly, and although it has quite a sense of transparency, it is semi-solid, or it tastes the viscosity. Only the taste of banana is manageable, but I do not understand other. I think that various things mixed, and it seemed to be a flavor that was full of images like "Amazon". In the editorial department, I broke up in the opinion of huge, the opinion of Mazui, and the opinion that neither can be said, so it seems to be a taste to choose quite a few people. Everyone agreed only the opinion that it is not very tasty when drinking at once.

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