I tried Nissin Chuhua "roasted chili pepper flavored noodles" "Cantonese noodles"

I tried "Nissin Chuan Guangdong Noodle" which was released on July 2 (Monday) from the Nissin chinese series, and the renewed "Nissin china roasted red pepper flavored bamboo noodle". It has been renewed and it keeps going out, it is pretty good finish.

Details are as follows.
- Full-sized Chinese series of commitment - Non-flying cup noodle
1. Renewal "Nissin chinese roasted chili pepper flavored noodles"
2. New release "Nissin china Guangdong noodles"
Information on sale

The red noodle shochu noodles.

Blue is Guangdong noodle.

Bamboo noodles seems to be "a lot of minced to sour soup," Cantonese noodles seems to be "flavor of Oyster sauce Cantonese style mushrooms soy sauce".

This is a delicious capsule. The one on the right is Bamboo noodles, the one on the left is Cantonese noodles. Cantonese noodles are cloudy and two more than those of Bamboo noodles.

The ingredients of Bamboo Noodle are like this.

Guangdong noodle is like this. Seems to be a lot of seafood.

Pour hot water and wait 4 minutes.

The capsule melted away.

Completion should be completed. This is Bamboo noodles.

Guangdong noodles.

The newly launched Guangdong noodles are quite refreshing as it seems. It is a delicious soy sauce based soup with a thick, savory oyster sauce that is unique. The calorie is less than 300 kcal. Bamboo noodles are pretty rich in soup, and the spiciness gently comes in. I'm glad that you can taste the ingredients until the last minute with plenty of mince.

The thing that is common to both is that there is Kosi in non-fried noodle, and there is a response to eat. However, if you do not mix thoroughly, you will have to be careful as the soup will only get darker at the bottom.

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