Application for renaming to the villain megatron of Transformers will be accepted

Many deformed robots are active "Transformers", leaders of the evil camps Destron Corps Corps "Megatron". It seems that there are some people who have changed their name to this megatron, whether it is the influence of recently released movies.

Details are as below.
Documents certifying that the name has been changed. It has become Jason Megatron Burrows from Jason Michael Burrows.
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The court asked if the rename was to escape creditors or whether they were not harmful to others, then asked if they would like to change to the name of a hero longing to be a child.

Also, some people have renamed them to the leader "Optimus Prime (Convoy)" of the side Cybertron of the justice camp.

National guardsman changed his name to a toy

Megatron was renamed only middle name, but this is renamed full name as a 30 year old gift. It is changed from Scott Edward Nall to Optimus Prime. Mr. Prime said Transformers' toys were in place of their fathers after his father died.

He has one son, but his name remains Sean Brandon Nall and his maiden name.

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