I ate a combination chocolate "Amaretti" "speculus"

Morinaga's new product for housewife's relaxation time, released on June 12 (Tue) throughout the country "Chocolate Amaretti"When"Chocolate speculusI bought and tried it.

It is somewhat luxurious chocolate which added European traditional baked confectionery (Amaretti, speculos) to each of two kinds of chocolate and cashew nuts, but how about the taste?

Details are as follows.
It is somehow fashionable.

"Chocolate speculus". We use four materials of cashew nuts and speculos for half bitter chocolate and maple flavored chocolate.

Speculos seems to be Belgian traditional baked goods with flavorful cinnamon and ginger.

"Chocolate Amaretti". This is Half Bitter Chocolate and Bitter Almond Flavored Chocolate, Cashew Nuts and Amaretti.

Amaretti is Italian traditional baked confectionery.

There were six each in each. The left is speculus and the right is amaretti.

I opened it on a plate. Same as before, left is speculus, right is Amaretti.

The section of speculus looks like this.

This is amaretti.

Although I tried eating, "speculos" has a strong taste and aroma of cinnamon, I do not know the taste of ginger. And although the taste of cinnamon folds well with chocolate with maple flavor, it may be somewhat difficult to balance as a whole. The person of "Amaretti" is unacceptable and unbelievable, feel like almond flavored rich chocolate cookie.

Both are pretty sweet, so it may be recommended for those who like sweets of definite sweetness such as sweets from the air.

For the product, the following links are detailed.

Four materials, overlapping flavor
"Chocolate Amaretti" "Chocolate speculus"
New release for a limited time only

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