Moss burger's summer limited "black pepper chicken" is juicy and spicy

Moss burger is a chicken with a spicy and exciting hot spicy, perfect for the hot summer that is on sale today from Friday, June 15,Black pepper (chicken chicken)I tried eating immediately.

By using plenty of black pepper, it becomes obviously spicy chicken compared with the existing Moschikin.

Details are as follows.
It put in such a bag. It is easy to carry around with a simple design and it is saved.

This time I ordered "Black pepper chicken" and "Moschikin". "Moschikin" on the top and "Black pepper chicken" on the bottom.

I just opened it. Moschikin is bone-attached.

Black pepper chicken. Black pepper is abundantly used.

This is Moschikin. My clothes are scratchy.

I tried to cut black pepper chicken. It feels very juicy.

I saw it from another angle. looks delicious.

Although I tried to eat it, black pepper is very spicy and it has become a punchy taste so that the mochikin seems to be unsatisfactory taste. Meat is very juicy and soft, I do not thirsty eating. Unlike the Moschikin, it has no bones and can be eaten until the end, so it is good for people who do not like chicken with bones, people who like spicy taste, as soon as summer fresh.

The product page is as follows.

MOS BURGER [NEWS] - Summer limited "Black pepper chicken" new release! It is!

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