Personal office landscape with a very cool Mac

As you can see the picture above, it is a personal office with a high degree of completeness. I wonder if efficiency increases if I work in such an environment ....

So let 's take a closer look at the contents of this office set.
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The desk seems to be a brand of biomorph. It is about 2395 dollars (about 290,000 yen).

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What is on the right is "Mac Pro"HDD is 2 TB, memory is 8 GB. What is on the left is "Power Mac G5"HDD is 800 GB, memory is 4 GB. It seems to be installed on the floor of each part of the desk leg.

In the center30 inch Mac display. There are 23 inch displays on the left and right.

In addition, the keyboard has a key top engraved part glows LED backlight built-in keyboard "DECK keyboard"something like. Mouse is Logicool's "MX Revolution". these"teleportI use software called "two Macs and share it."

In addition, 5.1 channel speaker system,SnowballThe USB microphone,iSight, When the visitor comes to the website, the color will change accordinglyAmbient Orb, A Polycom phone for work, a Panasonic cordless telephone for home use,TIX Led ClockLED clock, 60 GB iPod, 8 GB and 4 GB iPod nano and so on.

Incidentally, it seems that the following three types of images are used for wallpaper.


The Broken Dreams Street - 1

Hong Kong Night

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