Check pension subscription history on the net "Pension personal information provision service" What?

In recent years, about 50 million pensions in the air politically shaking (more has become a definite situation) + a disappeared pension (there is also a suspicion that one person was stolen illegally by a staff member However, it is only in the form of inquiries by people who line up at the counter or by telephone, which is reported every night. It is obvious that it is still insufficient even though it will correspond for 24 hours. It is quite a while to receive the pension but I would like to know if the pension payment history is good, but it is a great way for people to say that it is troublesome to make calls that do not inadvertently connect and to line up for hours, You can check the history of paying your pension on the net "Social Insurance Agency: Pension personal information provision service"is.

The following information can be viewed.

· History of subscription to the public pension system so far (subscription system, office name, certification acquisition · date of loss, number of monthly subscription etc.)
· Payment status of national pension insurance premium
Standard monthly compensation fee for standard welfare pension, standard bonus amount
· Standard fee monthly fee for crew insurance, standard bonus amount

There seems to be many other things. So I tried to apply for it.
Application is done from the following page.

Social Insurance Agency: Pension personal information service (top page)

There are possibilities that the address of the above page may change according to future situation, so just in case, in this case we will also explain the procedure to access from the top page in order. First go to the top page of the Social Insurance Agency from the following address.

Social Insurance Agency

Click the "Pension subscription record inquiry pension estimate amount trial pension personal information provision service (user ID · password)" from the "consultation guide" on the right menu

Click on the bottom 4th

Click "Register to use"

Enter the basic pension number, part of it, name, date of birth, gender, zip code, address, password, phone number and click "Confirm application details". Look at the basic annuity number like a pension notebook, watch a receipt, see a payment guide, or if you are a company employee, ask your own company, this is surprisingly easy to understand.

Then check the displayed contents and click "Submit"

Then save the screen capture just in case or just print it out and print it out, keeping the number written on this screen down.

So, when will this ID and password for login arrive, it seems that it will take about two weeks in normal times. Even if you think about it now, it is not normal time, so it is a difficult point that you do not know when it will arrive ... .... Also, I will report what kind of operation screen actually is when it arrives and I can log in. looking forward to.

Additional notes:Actually it is not two weeks, but it seems to be three weeks at the present time. For details, go to the following article.

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