Sapporo's first "scented wasabi mushroom soba" does not have a wedge

SANYO food bought "Sapporo 1st Kinokoan Scented Wasabi Mushroom Soba" which is on sale for the summer only from May 28th and tried it. It seems that it is near the season when the wasabi has been made moderately, but what kind of feeling is it?

Details are as follows.
Sapporo The 1st Mushroom
Summer Limited Fragrance Wasabi Mushroom Soba

As mushrooms are soba and shiitake mushrooms are included. There are also characters of horseradish properly.

I opened it. You can see the appearance of mushrooms properly.

Pour hot water and wait for 3 minutes.


I thought that the scent and flavor of wasabi will be done, but I do not notice it even if I eat it. I am in trouble even if wasabi comes out in front, I guess it was okay even if I could feel a little more. Buckwheat itself was plentiful ingredients, firm mushrooms soba. However, it somehow became a taste similar to that of another company's cup. Ramen is quite distinctive at each company, and I want you to make a solid feature firmly by your side.

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