Arrested a man of "worst of the worst" who was spamming all over the world

Before,80% of spam mails worldwide are being sent by 200 peopleI told you that, one of them was arrested. I thought that spam will be reduced a bit, but it seems not to be able to do so easily ...

Details are as follows.
Spam Flows Despite High-Profile Arrest

Spamhaus News - ROKSO Spammer Robert Soloway Arrested

Caught by a man named Robert Alan Soloway. It was in 2001 that Soloway entered the Block List of the spam eradication organization Spamuhaus, and in 2003 it was a so-called "worst of the worst". Previously, Soloway was ordered to pay 7 million dollars (about 850 million yen) to Microsoft in a civil lawsuit, 10 million dollars (about 1.2 billion yen) to Oklahoma's ISP, sent spam forever I also received a prohibition order that it should not be, but I ignored it and kept sending spam.

Soloway became the target that he was active in the United States and that his footprints have grasped. Because other spammers are active in countries such as Russia, it seems that laws of the United States and Europe are not beat. This time Soloway is believed to be in prison for 65 years, such as money laundering, e-mail fraud, suspected the theft of personal information, and so on.

According to this, Spamhaus almost declared victory, but according to Patrick Peterson, vice president of IronPort Systems, the amount of spam after Soloway arrest is 7 billion, which is not much different two weeks ago, 3.6 billion in May It is said that it is about twice as large as the traffic. Also, according to Anne Mitchel, who is a consultant of anti-spam, spammers like some mafia say that someone will come up to fill that hole if someone disappears, it seems to be a perfect omen .

However, until now, only civil lawsuits have been filed, but some experts think it is a threat to spammers that criminal prosecution is taking place as well.

When are 199 people arrested again?

Robert Soloway information by Spamhaus is below.

The Spamhaus Project - ROKSO

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