Facebook sues domain registrar for suspicious URL stop of phishing scam site

Facebook has revealed that it has sued domain registrar Namecheap and proxy service Whoisguard in the US District Court in Arizona. According to Facebook, the domain names registered by

Namecheap and WhoisGuard are very similar to Facebook and Instagram, and were used in the URLs of fake sites used for fraud.

Protecting People from Domain Name Fraud-About Facebook

Facebook sues Namecheap to unmask hackers who registered malicious domains | ZDNet

According to Facebook, Namecheap and WhoisGuard deal with 45 confusing domains, including Instagrambusinesshelp.com, facebo0k-login.com, and whatsappdownload.site, which are used in phishing scams to steal personal information such as credit card numbers and account information. It was used on a fake website.

It seems that Facebook sent a notification requesting suspension of use of the confusing domain to Namecheap and WhoisGuard from October 2018 to February 2020, but since Namecheap did not receive any communication, it seems that legal action was taken is.

`` Our goal is to put an end to those who want to do harm, and to protect people from domain name misuse and fraud, '' said Kristen Dupoir, Head of Intellectual Property Litigation at Facebook. We will continue to take legal action. '

This is not the first time Facebook has filed a lawsuit in connection with a misleading URL. In October 2019, Facebook sued online hosters OnlineNIC and ID Shield, which hosted websites such as `` HackingFacebook.net '' and `` iiinstagram.com '', to federal courts for trademark infringement and cybersquatting , Claiming damages totaling $ 2 million.

In addition to Facebook, in recent years, URL spoofing that can not be seen at a glance has been abused.

The possibility that URL spoofing that can not be seen by the human eye can be abused in phishing scams, measures in Firefox are kore-GIGAZINE

In response to Facebook's complaint, Namecheap said, 'Namecheap takes all forms of fraud and abuse very seriously, and is investigating each and every reported case of abuse. , We mean we actively eliminate evidence-based abuse of services on a daily basis, if there is no clear evidence that abusive domains are being abused, or if Facebook claims purely trademark rights. Namecheap orders Facebook to follow industry standards. '

A spokesman for Namecheap said, `` Your personal information cannot be retrieved without a court order. '' `` Facebook may be willing to trample customer privacy on its platform, but this time around, In this case, they seem to want non-Facebook companies to compromise Facebook users' privacy. This is another attack on privacy and legitimate processes. '

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